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Simplicissimus was created by Hardaway Abernathy.

Mr. Abernathy doesn’t exist; perhaps neither do you.

He dislikes social media and the way it encourages indiscretion.  Mr. Abernathy does, however, enjoy using it to keep tabs on you, and notes with some amusement that the same individuals who decry government intrusion into their private lives turn around and post online more information about themselves than their government ever wanted in the first place.

Mr. Abernathy cannot be found on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or Twitter.

He is amazed at the number of sensitively employed personnel who can be.

He welcomes you to his blog.

Simplicissimus surveys the landscapes of the intelligence world and its many intersections.  It doesn’t attempt to be definitive, but rather broad, eclectic and occasionally informative.

The title comes from the 17th century Grimmelshausen picaresque, Simplicius Simplicissimus.  It’s the tale of a boy coming of age during The Thirty Years’ War, who navigates between the arbitrary horrors of warring juggernauts and a world in terrible crisis in order to survive.

A good intelligence officer or agency needs the same dexterity in action and nimbleness of mind to navigate a world today none too different from the one Simplicius encountered centuries ago.

And, much like the actual work of intelligence, the word Simplicissimus begins simply and quickly becomes difficult…


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