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The US Government and Al Jazeera: Identical Propaganda

February 21, 2011


Right Side News, 18 Feb 2011: A few months ago I proposed the following question to a Radio Talk Show Host. At the time, neither of us had the answer. The show was on the books of Walid Phares: War of Ideas; The Confrontation; etc.

Question: Why is our Federal Government and Our Media putting out the same propaganda as the Jihadists and Al Jazeera? Why are they all on the same page?

Why would our Government and the Jihadists be saying the same thing in their propaganda messages? Why would our National Media and Al Jazeera be saying the same thing?

Examples: The War on Terrorism is not really a war.   The Jihadists are fighting us only because of something we did: mid-East colonialism or imperialism.   The Jihadists are Freedom Fighters just defending their territory and we are the attackers.

Why would our Government (i.e. Janet Napolitano, Director; Dept of Homeland Security) ban the use of words like The War on Terror, Islamic Terrorism, Jihadism?. This political correctness clearly shows that our leadership elites have already surrendered in the war of Ideas and of Propaganda.

Our Federal Government – under Barack Obama — is a Marxist Government and our Media is controlled by the Government’s Marxist ideology. The propaganda techniques being used were originally developed by Karl Marx.     The Jihadists and Al Jazeera are also using the same Marxist propaganda techniques. Therefore they all sound identical.

Marxism is an imperialist ideology seeking world domination thru a World Government, specifically the United Nations.   Jihadism is also an imperialist ideology seeking world domination through Jihad and Sharia Law to establish a World Caliphate.

You can not conquer the US with an Army. All you have to do is buy it or have your friends in the MFA (Managed Funds Association) destroy it financially from within. Think George Soros.

Over the last 30 years Trillions of Jihadist petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia (Wahabi), Iran (Khumeinist), and Qatar (The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera) have flowed into every corner of our corporate, political, national media, and academic life – buying influence, spreading rumors of petroleum retaliation, and spreading Jihadist propaganda everywhere.

All this might appear to be a struggle between two opposing imperialist ideologies – until you consider that the leader of the US Marxists (Barack Obama) was born and raised as a Muslim. The World Government he is pushing us towards — the United Nations — is dominated by 57 Islamic countries. What a coincidence.

Is it possible that a strong, charismatic covert Muslim figure has been posing as a strong, charismatic Marxist leader? By doing so, he could deceive and co-opt US Marxists (and gullible Liberals), with outside financial backing from George Soros, into supporting his Presidential bid.

Once elected President, he appears to be pushing the US toward a Marxist World Government — the United Nations – but is actually pushing us toward an Islamic World Government – the Caliphate — because of the 57-country Islamic domination of the UN.

Over 90% of the Billions of Petro-dollars that support Jihadism and Islamic Terrorism around the world come from three main countries – Saudi Arabia (supporting Wahabiism), Qatar (supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Jazeera), and Iran (supporting Khumeinism, the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza).

Marxists want a One World Government; Jihadists want a world Caliphate. Both are imperialist totalitarian ideologies.

If either of these totalitarian schemes gets control of the US, we’ll be living like the Israelis – everyone carrying Uzi’s at all times and getting in shoot-outs daily with Terrorists on the way to the Grocery Store.

Our Apologist Leaders in the US have been blinded by Jihadist propaganda and by access to billions of petrodollars. Our Leaders have unwittingly surrendered to the enemy Jihadists.

Our military people in the fields of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan – and, yes, even you guys doing recon in Iran — are being jeopardized by the hesitation and indecisiveness of Barack Obama. Please let us hear from military people and their families. God Bless you all.



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